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    Cyrill Bonjour
    tel +41 62 298 05 29
    fax +41 61 298 05 38

    Data analysis/Environment

    Your specialist for data analysis and environment

    Decisions in environmental questions are complex and very often of great economic and social importance. Therefore it is necessairy to draw conclusions out of well analysed data and to transfer them consequently to the real world. The help of a professional is more than reasonable:

    We're your partner for the efficient acquisition, management and analysis of your data. We can support you in the following services:

    • Design and execution of measuring campaigns, inventories and interrogations
    • Design and programming of databases and GIS
    • Analysis of data
    • Simulations and modell analysis
    • Visualisation and cartographic illustration of your results
    • Software development
    • Fact-based decision support


    Next to the knowledge of the structure, the analysis and the visualisation of your data the right expert knowledge is needed to answer your questions properly. We are focused on:

    • Solid waste and energy management
    • Agronomy and nature conservation
    • Water pollution control and water ecology
    • Land use and living space systems
    • Air pollution control, noise abatement and non-ionising radiation (NIR)
    • Decision support, quality control and managent systems

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